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Jakarta Office:
Ruko Mega Grosir CEMPAKA MAS
Blok G No.7, Jl. Letjen Suprapto, Cempaka Putih, Jakarta 10640 Indonesia.
Phone : 62 021 42886641
Facsimile : 62 021 42906866
Contact Person  : Mr. Ignasius Pani, SH., L.LM

Batam Office:
Kompleks Ruko Mahkota Raya
Blok B No. 12B Batam Centre
Batam 29421 Indonesia.
Phone : 62 (0778) 7483086
Facsimile : 62 (0778) 7483091
Contact Person  : Erbin Pangaribuan, SH



Firm Profile                 
Law Firm IGNAS PANI & PARTNERS is an Indonesia based law firm with considerable practices in company, commerce, finance, investment law and dispute resolution.

The Firm has been established by Ignasius Pani, SH., L.LM since 1995 and being supported by several lawyers with undoubtedly expertise in the areas they are practicing.

The ultimate reason of establishing the Firm was departing from the thought that a professional legal service for business people is a vital need for creating prudent, accountable and safety business and it is of course, an effort to insulate business transaction from any legal exposures.     
Such thought has strongly motivated the founder establishing the Firm with a primary mission, is to put in place the provision of reliable and professional lawyers.  

As evidence of the Firm’s commitment to that mission that from the outset of its establishment, the Firm has devoted in legal researches and trainings for updating its lawyers’ capability in dealing with the complexity of the current legal development.  

Now, the Firm’s member consists of Ignasius Pani, SH., L.LM as Managing Partner, Edi Danggur, SH., MM., MH as Partner,  Stefanus Agung,SH and Erbin Pangaribuan, SH as Associate Lawyers.