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Jakarta Office:
Ruko Mega Grosir CEMPAKA MAS
Blok G No.7, Jl. Letjen Suprapto, Cempaka Putih, Jakarta 10640 Indonesia.
Phone : 62 021 42886641
Facsimile : 62 021 42906866
Contact Person  : Mr. Ignasius Pani, SH., L.LM

Batam Office:
Kompleks Ruko Mahkota Raya
Blok B No. 12B Batam Centre
Batam 29421 Indonesia.
Phone : 62 (0778) 7483086
Facsimile : 62 (0778) 7483091
Contact Person  : Erbin Pangaribuan, SH



Law Firm IGNAS PANI & PARTNERS is expertise and do have extensive practices in the following areas.

Matters related to company law among others, company establishment; shareholder agreement relates to specific matters; shares transaction; company taking over; companies consolidation and acquisition; company restructuring; changing company status from foreign to domestic investment company or vice versa

Within this area of law are foreign and  domestic investment application for various businesses; joint venture agreement and other related agreements required for by investors; application for other mandatory licenses and permits under the foreign and domestic investment laws.   

Cross border commercial transaction involves international sale of goods; international carriage by sea, land and air; international finance and banking instruments for supporting proper and secured payment for international commerce such as L/C and bond ; international insurance for marine risks and other risk exposures in relation to cross border transaction; application for international trade marks, licenses, patents and industrial designs.

This area is within the scope pf infrastructure project with considerable capital involved which is mostly derived from bank lender and equity investor. project financing requires strict and reliable legal documents to secure and protect long terms interests of the parties thereof, and complexity of financial and legal issues of a project financing has been typical nature of it which requires a solid multidiscipline teamwork for properly structuring the Project documents. Joint operation or joint venture agreement; shareholder agreement; syndicated bank loan agreement; security document; construction agreement; supervision agreement; service and maintenance agreement; distribution agreement; off take agreement; technical and license agreement are part of documents mostly necessary for a project to make it comes  into commercial operation stage.

Employee in business is like a coin, on one side they are asset for earning gain or profit and on the other side of it, they are human being need to be treated in a fair and just way, and their entitlement should be honored by employer. However, employment law requires rights and obligations of both employer and employee to be well and clearly regulated in the employment contract or company regulation. Additionally, the recent legal development has strengthened the implementation of the statutory norms and practical norms of employment in an employer and employee relationship,   as a way of creating pleasant workplace atmosphere, increasing efficiency, and of avoiding unexpected labor disputes.

Creating sound and long term creditor and debtor relationship through a good and economical legal structure of loan agreement and other means of finance facilities; security documents in favor of bank or finance institution in relation to securing credit or a loan facility given to debtor; executable and collectable repayment fund of the given loan under the laws within a jurisdiction in which the debtor or secured asset of debtor is based, has been the most important aspect of any loan agreement and security documents.

Protection over an intellectual property rights has been ultimate need of businesses. The laws pertaining to trade mark, patent, and industrial design giving a high protection to any legal owner or license holder of the intellectual property. License or franchise agreement relates to the use of any intellectual property and registration requirement imposed by laws are among other protective tools applied to insulate a right upon an intellectual property from any form of infringement.

Conducting audit upon legal documents of a company is an important aspect prior to deciding whether the company audited has been duly established or existing and operating under the prevailing laws and regulations in a jurisdiction where it resides or operates. This kind of audit is mostly required if a company is going to be taken over by other company (targeted company), or upon request of a bank to review legal aspects of a debtor before a loan facility being approved.  In general, aspects that are need to be audited over a company are articles of associations, permits or licenses, contracts, capital structure, assets, and etc. However, the scope of a legal audit is depending on a need or nature of a transaction.  

Any business dispute that can not be settled out amicably by the parties to a dispute, in general practices such a dispute may be settled by a court of law mechanism or by an alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration or mediation or consolidation. The parties may agree in advance on which model of an alternative dispute resolution they want to apply for settling the on going dispute in an agreement of which such dispute arise or later on in a separate document after a dispute arising.